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Yoga & Zumba


Stretch your tired and tight limbs. Loosen up your joints and allow them to reach a greater range of movements. Achieve these goals through various Yoga Postures, that not only limbers your entire body but tones the various muscles that you thought were not there.

Synchronizing each and every movement with systematic breathing known as Vinyasas, let your body flow gracefully and achieve a balanced composure. Join us to further attain flexibility while at the same time, tone those muscles while making them supple and more effective. Release hidden stress and tension from your system and achieve relaxed continence.


Dive deep into the realm of a peaceful mind. Experience Creative Meditation and allow the mind to flow into its innate potentials. Let yourself be wrapped with transcendence and tranquility.

It’s a proven fact that a calm and composed mind can accomplish more than a turbulent one. Come and then experience with us the beauty of peaceful relaxation and transcend worries and stress through creative meditation.

With rhythmic and systematic breathing Known as Pranaya, conquer the noise of the mind and dwell in inner peace and good health. Sit in quite a tranquility in your padmasana or lotus pose and let that beautiful composure emanate in you.

Experience a holistic approach to better health and transform yourself into a new you. With a proven Yoga traditional style of vinyasas exercises with proper breathing, flow into a blissful experience of Hatha Yoga which will not require overly exerting the body. Calm your mind and nerves with soothing meditation and harness that creative self and allow it to manifest its great potentials.

Unfold into a peaceful composure that is the innate nature of your being that inner peace. Merge into oneself, your body mind and spirit in the serene atmosphere of our Badian paradise.

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