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Spa Village


Indulge in a rare kind of pampering in an exquisite natural setting. The outdoor spa and badehaus Pavilions provide a relaxing ambiance and offer a breathtaking view of the mountains and the Badian bay.

Choose from a variety of massage, wellness, and Thalasso treatments. We use only the best natural ingredients and aromatic essential oils. The caring hands of our professional Spa Therapists could perform delicate pampering guaranteed to soothe your senses and do wonders for your entire being.

Badian Deluxe Four-Hand Massage (75 minutes)

Our signature, decadent tandem massage performed by 2 therapists mirroring each other and with synchronize movements and with equal pressure, bringing you to a state of peace and divine relaxation.

Warm Seaweed Bath (30 minutes)
Fresh Seaweed with high quality that comes from the Badian bay. It’s being cut into small pieces, blended and warm. Poured out into bathtub using ionized seawater. This kind of treatment is very good for mineralizing, anti-aging, nourishing and perfect for relaxation.

Seaweed Massage (60 min)
Release Stress through detoxification making your skin feel soft and smooth.


Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Massage (60 min)
Pure virgin coconut oil that will really penetrate your skin to keep the skin hydrated and balance.

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